Classy Cactus Premium Brewing Yeast Nutrient

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Classy Cactus Premium Brewing Yeast Nutrient


Typically in the range 4 – 6 gm/hl.

Add to the kettle at end of the boil, to the whirlpool, or in line to the wort main.

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Classy Cactus Premium Brewing Yeast Nutrient

A healthy yeast makes for a predictable fermentation, along with a nutrient balanced wort. High gravity brewing can cause nutrient deficiency and create conditions of high stress for your yeast. These conditions can cause your yeast to have a reduced vigour that causes slow fermentation and which can cause off-flavours that are associated with sulphur contamination compounds, slow diacetyl reduction, and autolysis.

Used for a fast and consistent fermentation that will reduce the risk of off-flavours.

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