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15RM Magnetic Drive Pump

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15RM Magnetic Drive Pump

This homebrew pump is an optimum liquid transport pump with high output volume and quiet operation for industrial and home equipment.

Model: MP – 15RM

Max Capacity: 16/19 L/min

Max Head: 2.7/3.4 M


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15RM Magnetic Drive Pump

  • The food grade pump MP-15RM features with food grade high temp plastic head 1/2 inch thread to transfer hot and cold liquids, is the most efficient way to move piping hot and heavy loads of liquid
  • Operation Quiet: Advanced magnetic drive technology with static-impeller, without any leakage ever. Brew pumps very quiet.
  • Easy Operation: Prime by running liquid through pump prior to turning on; The liquid travels from the bottom of the valve into the pump, and once device is powered on (plugged in to outlet), the propeller circulates liquid for maximum flow; Use to dispense beer, treat water, transfer hot water from your kettle to a mash tun, or recirculate mash wort and sparge and transfer to a brew kettle

Also available is the 20RM Magnetic Drive Pump.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 15 cm


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