Distilling Malt

Crisp have been making distilling malt in Scotland for over 40 years. We now have two maltings, one in the traditional brewing town of Alloa and the other in the heart of Speyside at Portgordon.

Between them, they cater for the malt requirements of
Scotch Whisky production; plain, peated and high diastatic.

Over the years we’ve forged long lasting partnerships with farmers in Morayshire, Aberdeenshire and Fife, to grow low nitrogen (protein) distilling varieties which allows us to produce flavourful distilling malts that are prized not just in Scotland but also in Japan, the USA and Europe.

Our peating process on Speyside ensures the fullest absorption of ‘reek’ by the grain during the peat burn. Whereas with some dry smoked peated malts the flavour and aroma quickly fades over a short time, our method produces a lasting rich peat smoke character in the malt and so it can be transported all over the world without issue.


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Showing all 9 results