Special Cactus

Why the Step Mash?

Why the Step Mash? The simple answer… to get better sugar extraction from your malt. Back in the days when you didn’t know how well your grains or malts were modified, it was suggested that you use several step mashes to get the most out of your malts. With the malts available today you do […]

Crisp Webinar No 10: Distilling Speciality Malts Webinar

Colin Johnston, Crisp Malt’s Craft Distilling Manager, is joined by Rutele Marciulionyte of Heriot-Watt University. Rutele is currently studying towards a PhD in the subject of Specialty Malt Use in Distilling, she shares her findings from year one of her research into speciality malt flavour. In addition, Dr Jack Mayo, from Holyrood Distillery, Edinburgh’s first […]

Crisp Webinar No 9: How to brew the perfect West Coast IPA

Crisp Malt’s Carl Heron takes us through the history of malt, brewing ingredients ans the techniques required to produce this American classic beer; the West Coast IPA It’s a tough one to get right with all that bitterness and hop profile going on. What are the best malts to balance it all out and let […]

Crisp Webinar No 8: Brewing the Perfect New England (Hazy) IPA

Hosted by Mike Benson, the Craft Sales Brewing Manager at Crisp Malt; Carl Heron and Mark Gammons from Tiny Rebel Brewery in Wales as they walk through the process of creating a NEIPA recipe. They also offer up plenty of tips and tricks and we’ve answered a whole host of questions along the way. Established […]