Lalvin Rhone 4600 (500g)

R529.00 incl. VAT

Lalvin Rhone 4600 (500g)

Fermentation Speed

Glycerol Production

Lag Phase
Very short

Nitrogen Needs

Alcohol Tolerance
18 %

SO₂ Production

Max. Temperature
28 °C

Min. Temperature
15 °C

H₂S 170ppm

H₂S 60ppm

Reaction to O₂ addition

Acetaldehyde Production

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Rhone 500g
Lalvin Rhone 4600 (500g) R529.00 incl. VAT

Lalvin Rhone 4600 (500g)

Alcohol tolerance and fermentation performance are key attributes

Vineyard isolate from Côtes du Rhône. In red varietals, Rhône 2226 enhances varietal flavour and aroma, contributes to structure, and maintains high colour intensity. Can also be used for certain white varieties (eg Semillon) from warmer regions. Also useful for restarting stuck fermentations, A vigorous fermenter, tolerates 18% v/v alcohol. Given its tolerance to high alcohol, this yeast is recommended for the fermentation of high sugar must. It contributes to wine quality by enhancing varietal aroma expression and tannin structure and maintaining a high colour intensity.

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