Crisp – Extra Pale Malt – 25kg Bag Unmilled

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Crisp Extra Pale Malt

Crisp has developed a low colour Extra Pale Malt for low colour beer styles such as lager, blondes and pale ales. Made from the same barley as our Best Ale Malt you can be assured it is Norfolk born and bred.

It is perfectly suited to the traditional UK brewing style where a single strike temperature is used as the malt has a moderate to a high level of modification which gives excellent extract, flavour and run-off.

Use it at 100% for lagers and pale ales or mix in some speciality malts for just about any hop-driven beer style.

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Distilling Malt
Crisp - Extra Pale Malt - 25kg Bag Unmilled R37.00 incl. VAT

Crisp – Extra Pale Malt

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Replacement for (based on EBC):

Weyermann Pilsener (1:1) and Extra Pale Premium Pilsener (1:1), Best Pilsen (1:1) and Heidelberg (1:1), Viking Pilsener and Pilsener Zero (1:1), Simpsons Extra Pale Ale Malt (1:1) and Finest Lager Malt.

Colour (IOB):

2.5 – 3.5

Tasting Notes:


Beer Styles:

Golden ales, blondes, lagers, pale ales.


Clear Choice Pale Malt is new in 2022 and replaces our Extra Pale and Ale versions of Clear Choice. Clear Choice is a unique offering from Crisp Malt and is a specially selected barley variety with no proanthocyanidins; these are flavonoid polyphenols that impart astringency and also form chill haze with proteins in the final beer. After fining or filtration, the result is a super clear, shelf-stable wort with beautiful honey sweetness. This new colour spec achieves a balance between our Extra Pale and Ale colour ranges.

We also recommend using Clear Choice for cloudy beers where oxidative darkening of polyphenols is a concern. The clarity benefits of Clear Choice are not just evident in bottle, can and keg, but also help produce extremely bright cask beer too.

Typical Analysis:

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