Leaving the world of conventional kilning behind, we move on to a range of malt where major increases in process temperature are required. The higher colours and stronger flavours of our roasted malts are a result of the same Maillard chemistry that forms the intense aromas and colour of roast coffee, or the delicate biscuit taste in a beautifully baked loaf of bread.

We manage this transformation inside our Speciality Malt Plant by carefully controlling the temperature of the heated surfaces that the grain comes into contact with. Our RevTech speciality malt process is the first of its kind in the UK and gives us unparalleled control over colour formation and flavour profile. It uses less energy than a conventional roasting drum and the grains don’t come in contact with combustion gasses due to its all electric nature. The gentle transport of the grain through the column means we can roast just about any cereal, not just malted barley.

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