Cactus Crafters Day 2 Oct - MAIN

What’s new at Cactus Craft?

Something exciting has arrived at Cactus Craft for our whiskey and distilling lovers… our new Dry Activated Distillers Yeasts! Not only do we have the DADY but we have also made our own Crazy Cactus Turbo Yeast #66.

Our new additions for distillers yeasts are our Strathspey DADY and our Highlands DADY.

With the success of our All-Grain Beer Kits, we are now venturing into the world of All-Grain Distilling Kits. Included will be the grains you need, turbo yeast, and a wood stave for flavouring and colouring your spirits (if applicable).

Whiskey Kits to look forward to:

  • Tennessee Whiskey
  • Single Malt Whiskey
  • Bourbon
  • Peated Malt Whiskey

Along with all the new kits and ideas we have also listened to our customers and we have plain and simple Diammonium Phosphate available in 100g containers.

Cactus Crafters Day 2 October 2021

If you don’t know already, you need to step up your social media game… we have our next Crafters Day on 2 October 2021 (venue to be confirmed) where we will be holding our own Beer brewing and Distilling competition. We have also organised with



to be a drop-off point for brewers who want to enter the competition, as the 2nd of October is the last day to drop off your entry beers.

There are also BJCP judges joining our event so that you can have the professionals tell you what great brewer you are!

So with that my Cactus Craft friends… I wish you a happy distilling and brewing weekend!

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