Whisky Kit Scottish Single Malt

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Whisky Kit Scottish Single Malt


Strike Temp — 69.9 °C

Temperature — 63 °C — 30 min

Temperature — 70 °C — 30 min

Crisp Malts (8.4 kg)

8.4 kg (100%) — Crisp Distilling Malt


25 g — Highlands Highlands Whisky Yeast


Primary — 33 °C — days


Toast the oak stave to your preference, and submerge in distillate until you are satisfied with the colour, or until it has aged to your preference. If distilling at average 75% ABV, you will get around 3.2L of alcohol at 75%. After diluting to around 42% you will have around 5.5L of alcohol.

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Whisky Kit Scottish Single Malt

Get the recipe HERE!

Our Single Malt Whisky Kit is made out of Crisp Distilling Malt:

Crisp has been making distilling malt in Scotland for over 40 years. We now have two maltings, one in the traditional brewing town of Alloa and the other in the heart of Speyside at Portgordon. Between them, they cater for the malt requirements of Scotch Whisky production; plain, peated and high diastatic.”

Included is our Highlands DADY and a French Oak Stave to age your whisky.

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