Measuring Cylinder Plastic 250ml

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250ml Measuring Plastic Cylinder

A plastic measuring cylinder is a graduated cylinder, also known as a measuring cylinder or mixing cylinder is a common piece of laboratory equipment used to measure the volume of a liquid. It has a narrow cylindrical shape. Each marked line on the graduated cylinder represents the amount of liquid that has been measured.

Large graduated cylinders are usually made of polypropylene for their excellent chemical resistance or polymethylpentene for its transparency, making them lighter and less fragile than glass. Polypropylene (PP) is easy to repeatedly autoclave; however, autoclaving in excess of about 121 °C (depending on the chemical formulation: typical commercial grade polypropylene melts in excess of 177 °C, can warp or damage polypropylene graduated cylinders, affecting accuracy.

A traditional graduated cylinder is usually narrow and tall so as to increase the accuracy and precision of volume measurement. It has a plastic or glass base (stand, foot, support) and a “spout” for easy pouring of the measured liquid. An additional version is wide and low.

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Measuring Plastic Cylinder
Measuring Cylinder Plastic 250ml R85.00 incl. VAT

250ml Measuring Plastic Cylinder

250ml Plastic Measuring Cylinder – Used together with our Alcoholmeter or SG Hydrometer to measure wort/wash gravity (hydrometer and alcoholmeter sold separately).

We also sell 100ml Cylinders that can be used with the SG Hydrometers and Alcoholmeters and 2L Erlenmeyer flasks for yeast cultures.

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