SG Scale Hydrometer (Chinese)

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SG Hydrometer (Specific Gravity)

An SG Hydrometer is used for determining the gravity reading of your brew.


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Alcoholmeter & SG Hydrometer
SG Scale Hydrometer (Chinese) R80.00 incl. VAT

SG Hydrometer (Specific Gravity)


This hydrometer can be used to determine the gravity reading of your brew and comes with its own plastic container which can be used as a sampling (trial) jar to take your reading in.

Please note that if you need to measure the alc. content of a brew that has been distilled you need an alcoholmeter, which is a different scale to that of this hydrometer.

How to take a hydrometer reading and test if your brew is ready to bottle;

  1. Measure your starting gravity (SG) before fermentation (before you pitch the yeast)
  2. Take another measure when you think your brew is complete  – known as the final gravity reading or FG, which will help determine if it has fermented (and useful if you are not sure if it has fermented!)
  3. Take a second FG reading 24 hours after the first FG reading and if this is the same the fermentation is complete and ready to move onto the next stage – if it has moved at all leave it a few more days before repeating steps 2 and 3.

More useful information

Have a look at these very detailed instructions on about usage and temperature corrections: How to use a hydrometer

Alternatively check out this video tutorial: How to use a hydrometer – video.

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