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Bio Hop Enzyme – 10g

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Bio Hop Enzyme

Get more flavour and aroma from your hops by using exogenous β-glucosidase.
A food-grade enzyme preparation with a strong glycosidase activity derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger. It is composed of β-glucosidase enzymes that are capable of hydrolyzing the glycosidic bonds, liberating monoterpene alcohol compounds, and glucose.
Dosage: 5g/hL – Dilute 1:10 in water
Storage:  0-25°C

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Bio Hop Enzyme

Get more flavour and aroma from your hops with Bio Hop Enzyme Benefits of using exogenous β-glucosidase
Yeast naturally produces β-glucosidase enzymes, turning non-aromatic glycosides into aromatic terpenes.
  1. Increases the diversity of hop flavours and aroma by changing the ratio of specific terpene compounds
  2. Enhances the beer mouthfeel and drinkability by reducing unpleasant, harsh bitterness
  3. Increases wort fermentability
  4. Increases beer aroma complexity when combined with selected yeasts
  5. Enhances hop flavour and aroma


A glycoside is a compound that is chemically bound to a sugar molecule. In hops, aroma compounds such as terpenes are bound to sugars as glycosides in the green matter of the hop. Terpene glycosides play a role in hop biotransformation.

We also have the Aromazyme in 100g containers.

To learn more about the effects of β-glucosidase enzymes on your hops go read the Lallemand Aromazyme page.


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