Crafters Day Beer

Crafters Day Beer Competition Sign Up – 2 October 2021

Sign up for our Cactus Crafters Day Beer Competition on 2 October 2021. You can also sign up for your home-distilled goods…

Cactus Crafters Day Beer Competition

Sponsored by Crisp Malt and Lallemand Yeast. Rules? Only Crisp Malts and Lallemand Yeasts can be used for your final product (where applied). Discount will be given to participants that buy Crisp Malt and Lallemand from us. Abbaye Ale Yeast and New England East Coast Ale Yeast is sponsored if needed for your recipe.

Click here to see the Crisp Malt selections we have in store. Click here to see the range of Lallemand Lalbrew Yeasts.


  1. This is not at 773 Tipperary, it is at 758 Tipperary!

    1. The google and official addresses differ, that’s why we rather use the name NG Valleisig, as that works the best on google maps!

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