Idaho 7 – T90 – 100g

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Idaho 7 Hops

Alpha Acid
Beta Acid
Oil Composition Myrcene: 25% I Humulene: 36% I Farnesene: Trace
Total Oil
Flavour Intensity

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Idaho 7 - T90 - 100g R85.00 incl. VAT

Idaho 7 Hops

Known for its juicy flavours (tropical and citrus) it’s a great hop to use as a single hop or a late addition hop. Ideal for dry hopping.

Juicy profile: Apricot, orange, red grapefruit, and papaya

Notes: Pine, hints of floral and black tea.

Use in brewing

Predominantly an aroma hop but can also be used for bittering, imparts an assertive bitterness.


Calypso™, El Dorado®


Originally selected from some experimental hop varieties being grown at Jackson Hop Farm, Wilder Idaho, it was named after the position it was being grown in. Commercially released in 2015.

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