Hallertau Mittelfruh Hops 4% Pellets – 100g

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Hallertau Mittelfruh Hops 4%

Technical Data

Alpha Acid: 3.5%-3.5%

Form: Pellet
Beta Acid: 3.5%-4.5%
Co-Humulone: 20%-26%

Total Oils: 0.6-1.2 mL/100g

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Hallertau Mittelfruh Hops 4%

Hallertau, Hallertauer and Hallertauer Mittelfrüher are all names for the original German Hallertau variety. Dating back more than 100 years, it stems from an old German landrace and is one of the original four “noble” hops. It features a lightly flowery and spicy aroma.

Beer Styles

German Pilsner, Pale Ale, Wheat, American Lager

Replacement for:

Liberty, Hallertau (US), Hallertauer Tradition

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