6″ Gin Aroma Basket (3″ inlet)

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6″ Gin Aroma Basket (3″ inlet) – Aroma Basket

The best way to give your spirits taste and aroma. The alcohol vapour is channelled through the aroma basket where you put botanicals like juniper berries. That way the alcohol gets enriched with aroma and taste. Be it classic Gin from its own production or fanciful flavoured brandy, creativity knows no boundaries. Notable distilleries all around the world are using our Aroma Basket Kit with huge success.

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6″ Gin Aroma Basket (3″ inlet)

Can easily be assembled to our range of, stainless steel, distilling equipment:

  • Tri-Clover Clamps/Kits
  • Blank plates
  • Reducers
  • Straights
  • Sightglass


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