Silver Crown Caps (Standard) – 150 Packet

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Silver Crown Caps – 26mm 150pcs

Fits any beer bottle. A special absorbing liner keeps your beer fresher for longer! 150 pieces per packet.

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Brand: Cactus Craft


Silver Crown Caps – 26mm 150pcs


  • Oxygen Absorbing Liner Protects Flavor
  • Premium Tin-Plated Steel
  • Want to easily tell your beer, soda, mead, or cider apart? Use COLOUR CODED bottle caps!
  • Manufactured from brand new tin-plated steel. Properly stick to magnet in bottle capper for easy application.
  • Factory painted and lacquered to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Shiny, smooth surface.
  • Standard 26mm size fits standard bottles that are NOT the twist-off style. Will pry or pop open with any standard bottle opener.
  • Special lining absorbs oxygen. Helps preserve the freshness and colour of contents by preventing oxidation.


  • 100% new – no recycled materials
  • Tin-plated steel
  • Oxygen absorbing liner
  • Factory painted and lacquered
  • Snug fit for pretty much ANY beer/soda bottle

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