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Invert Syrup – 1L

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Invert Syrup

Our Cactus Craft – Invert Syrup is produced by the reduction of sucrose into glucose and fructose. Invert syrup has the consistency of honey and is frequently used in Belgian ales and some British pale ales. Expect 36 PPG (per pound per gallon) and 100 per cent fermentability.

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Invert Syrup – 1L

Cactus Craft Invert Syrup is made by heating sugar with an acid present. This splits sucrose molecules into their components glucose and fructose residues. Sucrose that has been split into its components, Glucose and Fructose is a brewing adjunct (unmalted source of fermentable extract). Invert syrup is chemically similar to honey. While regular table sugar consists of the disaccharide sucrose, invert syrup is comprised of the monosaccharides that bond together to form sucrose-glucose and fructose.


  • Invert Syrup is sweeter than sucrose because fructose is about 20% sweeter than sucrose. (Glucose is less sweet than sucrose.)
  • Invert Syrup is great for brewing because yeast doesn’t have to work as hard to digest it,  there’s no need to break sucrose down into its constituent monosaccharides for fermentation.
  • Invert Syrup has a certain smoother, mellower flavour compared to other products. For brewers, beers made with this syrup seem to finish dry and clean, and they often develop subtle fruity, treacle flavours that are difficult to obtain with other ingredients.
  • Invert Syrup can be stored at a higher solids content than liquid sucrose or sugar, making it easier for brewers to handle.


Invert Syrup can be added to the wort either at the boiling stage or as priming’s during racking. If added during boiling the invert syrups can be used to extend brew capacity or to improve beer stability. Invert Syrup that is added directly to the kettle to supplement fermentable carbohydrates effectively extend the capacity of the brewer to produce more fermentable wort. Invert syrup is used for fermentation only. Do not use invert syrup to sweeten a finished brew as it may restart fermentation.



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