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Ingredient Kit – Smoked Porter – All Grain 23L

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Since the beginning of beermaking, malts were dried by fire thus creating a smokey flavour on all malts used for brewing. Unsmoked beers were only available when the invention of drying malts without fire was created back in the 1840s. Our Smoked Porter is not based on an 18th-century recipe but rather a celebration of the opportunities we have to use smoked and unsmoked malts to create a delicate smokiness in a dark beer with a smooth finish which is perfect for a cold night.

Our recipe’s smokiness is created from our Scottish Heavy Peated Malt with just enough grains to give you the smoke aroma but not too much to overwhelm the complimenting chocolate and roasted barley malts.

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Smoked Porter

ABV: 5.1%

IBU (Tinseth)36

Colour93 EBC

Get your Brewfather App Recipe here.


Crisp Malts (6.19 kg)

4.45 kg (71.9%) — Crisp Maris Otter — Grain — 7.9 EBC

390 g (6.3%) — Crisp Naked Oat Malt — Grain — 5 EBC

340 g (5.5%) — Crisp Low Colour Chocolate Malt — Grain — 550 EBC

340 g (5.5%) — Crisp Medium Crystal 240 — Grain — 265 EBC

230 g (3.7%) — Crisp Chocolate Malt — Grain — 1045 EBC

230 g (3.7%) — Crisp Roast Barley — Grain — 1375 EBC

210 g (3.4%) — Peat Smoked Malt — Grain — 5.5 EBC


Lallemand (LalBrew) Windsor Yeast 75%


Hops (88.7 g)

45.6 g (31 IBU) — Northern Brewer 8.5%

43.1 g (IBU) — Fuggle 4.5%


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