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Ingredient Kit – Irish Red Ale – All Grain 23L

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Irish Red Ale originated in Kilkenny, Ireland. By adding roasted barley to the grist, this is what separates the Irish Red Ale from your regular English Pale Ale. A highly drinkable beer with a slightly toasty flavour and a smooth mouthfeel, this is a beer that can pair well with several different cuisines, ranging from spicy curry dishes to caramel and nut-inspired desserts.

Traditional Irish Pale Ales include:

  • Moling’s Irish Red
  • Kilkenny Irish Beer
  • Beamish Red Ale
  • Caffrey’s Irish Ale

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Irish Red Ale

ABV : 4,3%

EBC: 24

IBU: 25

Get your Brewfather App Recipe here.


Malts : 3 kg – Best Ale Malt; 1.18 kg – Light Munich Malt; 240 g – Cara Malt; 50 g – Roast Barley

Yeast: Dark Necessity

Hops: 25 g – Willamette; 30 g – Fuggles


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Irish Red Ale


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