English Special Bitter Extract Starter Kit – 22L

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English Special Bitter Extract Starter kit

If you want to start brewing then this is a good option for your first ingredient kit. The ingredients need to be boiled and you have hop additions just like you would with an all-grain kit. We believe that this recipe gives you the experience of a grain brew but is made easier.

For steps, tips, and extra info you can always go read our blog – HOW TO BREW A DELICIOUS BEER -101

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English Special Bitter – Brewing Starter Kit – Ingredients

This is our extract ingredients starter kit, for the beginner home brewer that wants to start with extract brewing.  It includes all the ingredients you need to make your first beer except the equipment (check out our equipment kits and see what you need to make that first brew!)

Our English Special Bitter Extract Starter Kit is an easy-drinking beer, the hop bitterness and the earthy malt flavours, and unlike the name, is not that bitter at all!


  • Pale Liquid Malt Extract 1.8kg
  • Pale Dry Malt Extract 1kg
  • Brewing Sugar 0.85kg
  • Priming sugar 0.15kg
  • Hops weighed off to recipe specifics
  • English Ale Yeast


NB! Equipment Kits are sold separately!

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