Denova Apricot Kernel Oil (1x250ml)

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Denova Apricot Kernel Oil 250ml

This oil has a tasty almond flavour and smell. It is medium yellow in colour. Denova Apricot Kernel Oil is pressed from the apricot kernels which are collected and dried.

Naturally cholesterol-free | Vegan, vegetarian, Keto and Palio diet friendly.

With a high smoke point (above 200º C), Denova Apricot Kernel Oil is suitable for all types of cooking. Especially delicious when frying fish and chicken. Its almond-type flavour is mouth-watering in cakes and confectionery.

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Denova Apricot Kernel Oil 250ml

*100% pure and natural, the oil is pressed from the apricot kernel.

*Unrefined oil ensures all the beneficial properties of the fruit are kept intact.

*High in monounsaturated fats makes apricot kernel oil healthy for your cardiovascular system.

*Contains a high level of Vitamin E which is beneficial for the immune system as well as your skin and hair.

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