Bramling Cross 50g T90

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Belma Cross – 50g

Alpha Acid
Beta Acid
Oil Composition Myrcene: 36%, Humulene: 25%, Farnesene: Trace
Total Oil

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Bramling Cross 50g

Dual purpose hop.
A hop of considerable character. Its distinctive “American” aroma put many brewers off this variety in its early years. It has a strong spicy/blackcurrant flavour and good alpha characteristics. Bramling Cross has now made something of a comeback in traditional cask-conditioned beers because of its very distinctive characteristics and has done very well in all styles of beer.


Progress, Brewer’s Gold


Bred from a cross in 1927 between Bramling (one of the traditional Golding varieties) and a male seedling of the Manitoban (Canadian) wild hop.  Also known as OT48, this variety was developed at Wye College by Professor Salmon.

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