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Category: Coloured Malts

Coloured Malts

Leaving the world of conventional kilning behind, we move on to a range of malt where major increases in process temperature are required. The higher colours and stronger flavours of our roasted malts are a result of the same Maillard chemistry that forms the intense aromas and colour of roast coffee, or the delicate biscuit taste in a beautifully baked loaf of bread.

We manage this transformation inside our Speciality Malt Plant by carefully controlling the temperature of the heated surfaces that the grain comes into contact with. Our RevTech speciality malt process is the first of its kind in the UK and gives us unparalleled control over colour formation and flavour profile. It uses less energy than a conventional roasting drum and the grains don’t come in contact with combustion gasses due to its all electric nature. The gentle transport of the grain through the column means we can roast just about any cereal, not just malted barley.

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  • Crisp Amber Malt/Biscuit Malt – This is the palest malt made using a roasting technique. After conventional kilning, the malt is dry and pale in colour hence it is known as “white malt”. It is transferred to our Speciality Malt Plant and passes through the roasting column where the flavour is transformed through the application of heat. The temperatures used through the column determine the colour and fl avour of the roasted malt. Amber Malt is typified by a dry, toasted biscuit finish and can add an amber hue to the beer.

  • Crisp – Black Malt – The darkest of our roasted malts. When you need an intensely dark colour for stouts and porters this is an excellent malt to use. Despite its reputation as a highly astringent malt, nothing could be further from the truth. This malt brings with it a roasted character with some bitterness and astringency, but also flavours of currants and berries.


  • Crisp – Brown Malt. The colour is produced in the same manner as Amber, but is roasted for that bit longer to give a nutty roast dryness with a light brown hue, perfect for brown ales and milds.

    Remember that when assessing roasted malts, it is the resultant colour and flavour of the wort and beer that is important rather than the colour of the outer barley husk of the malt in your hand. Different varieties of barley may give roasted malts with differing husk colour, but will produce wort with the expected colour and fl avour when mashed.

  • Crisp – Cara Malt – Cara Malt is a very low colour Crystal Malt which has an almost completely glassy endosperm. It contains a greater degree of sweetness than Crystal Malt and the harsher nutty roasted flavours are not present. It greatly improves body, foam retention and beer stability whilst adding a little colour. It has, therefore, become very popular in the production of lagers where it is used to assist in enhancing flavour and character. For this reason, it has also become a common constituent in low alcohol beers.

  • Crisp – Chocolate Malt shares many of the characteristics of Black Malt, but because it is roasted for a shorter period of time and to a lower final temperature, it lacks the astringency of Black Malt.

    Its main use is in darker beers that require a depth of colour to tend the eye and entice the palate. Chocolate Malt has been used in Irish stout for years and the marriage of Chocolate Malt and Roasted Barley in varying proportions can give rise to a range of flavours from sweet and mellow to acrid and bitter.

  • Crisp – Cara Gold Malt

    This low malt colour produces a golden orange lager with increased body and fullness and a softer, rounder mouthfeel with improved drinkability.

    Have a look at all our Crisp-Brewing Malts.

  • Crisp – Crystal 400 – Dark Crystal Malt has the highest degree of caramelisation. The flavours are now transformed into sultanas, raisins, plums and dark, dried fruits. By now the sugars are actually being broken down by chemical processes and so the residual sweetness that the other Crystal Malts impart are being replaced by an increase in bitter flavours. Crystal Malt sugars are non-fermentable so add a level of dextrin sugars that are preserved through to the final beer.

  • Crisp – Crystal 100 – Crystal and Cara Malts are so named for the caramelisation and crystallization of the sugars present in the barley kernel. We take green malt from germination and by applying heat while maintaining the moisture content we are able to liquify the endosperm of the barley, transforming the starch into sugars. Heat is then applied and the caramelisation begins.

  • Crisp – Crystal 150 – To make Light Crystal we increase the temperature further and the endosperm darkens and flavours develop further. Think of Crystal Malts like you would make caramel at home. With Light Crystal the crystalised sugars present imparts an intense caramel flavour. Light Crystal will also impart a reddish hue to the beer and it works very well in Bitters and Ruby beers.

  • Crisp – Low Colour Chocolate Malt – Another step up in colour into the chocolate range, so called because of the flavour it produces in the final beer, not due to the presence of actual chocolate.

    Low Colour Chocolate Malt imparts a delicate chocolate aroma and taste much like a mellow cold brew coffee. This malt type lacks the astringency of the more darkly roasted malts.

  • Crisp – Crystal 240 – With Medium Crystal those intense caramel flavours of thick treacle toffee are developed. To achieve these kinds of flavours the temperature is raised a further step from Light Crystal and the sugars darken further still giving the beer a deep copper hue.

  • Crisp – Roast Barley, is our darkest grain and it is made from unmalted barley. The colour produced can be almost opaque and the flavour is similar to a dark, bitter roast coffee. In stouts a combination of Chocolate, Black Malt and Roast Barley gives excellent complexity and balance.

    Remember that these dark grains will have an acidifying effect on the mash, so ensure your salts have been adjusted adequately.

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