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Base Malts

These are the workhorses of the mash; the ultimate source of your fermentable sugars, enzymes and nitrogenous compounds required for producing excellent beer.

They need to deliver these each and every time you brew. Crisp have a wide range of base malts to provide you with a broad palate of flavours to build your beers upon. From the malt forward Maris Otter®, through our Best Ale and authentic German Pils to our honey-sweet Clear Choice®; we’ve got a range to suit every beer style and brewing method.

Try them individually or mix them up to create something unique to you. Some base malts, including Vienna and Dextrin, are made using the conventional kilning technique. Using differing steeping, germination and kilning times and temperatures we can manipulate the flavours and colour formed in the malts.

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  • Crisp Best Ale Malt – Our Best Ale Malt is the workhorse of many a brewery and is at home in a variety of beer styles. The 2-row winter barley varieties that go into our Best Ale have been planted in the light, sandy soils of North Norfolk. We source the lowest nitrogen barley from our farmers.

    During malting, high cast moistures and a balance of optimal germination time and temperature results in an even, well modified malt with a rich colour and balanced sweet, malt flavour which is ideally suited to ale brewing.

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  • Crisp – Clear Choice Malt® Ale – Clear Choice® is a unique offering from Crisp. Our specially selected barley variety has no proanthocyanidins; these are flavonoid polyphenols that impart astringency and also form chill haze with proteins in the final beer. After fining or filtration, the result is a super clear, shelf stable wort with beautiful honey sweetness.

  • Crisp – Clear Choice Malt® Extra Pale – This is the low colour version of our Clear Choice® Ale Malt. Kilned to a lower temperature than our regular Clear Choice® results in a lighter colour and a delicate sweetness which acts as the perfect base to build robust IPA hop profiles on.

  • Crisp – Chevallier Heritage Malt

    Suitable for any malt-forward ale such as a big robust barley wine. Alternatively, it can be used in modern recipes where there is a need to balance a high bitter hop load such as in a Double India Pale Ale.

  • Crisp – Europils Malt

    We take English spring barley with a slightly higher protein than our Best Ale Malt and the subsequent low temperature kilning produces Lager Malt with a sweet but not “malty” character.

  • Crisp – Extra Pale Maris Otter

    Due to the pale colour, this can also be used for light continental styles or even cut with our Europils Malt to form a slight malt base for fuller lager styles.

  • Crisp – Tivoli German Pilsen Malt

    At our Hamburg maltings, we malt Danish and German spring barley to produce a classic German Pilsen style malt for a larger production.

  • Crisp – Dark Munich – A magical thing happens when amino acids and reducing sugars combine at critical temperatures; the Maillard reaction. Starting with higher protein spring barley we germinate to higher levels of modification then adjust early kilning conditions to utilise the malt enzymes to hydrolyse protein and convert starch in sugars.

    Finally, a long drying phase with a higher temperature results in the Maillard reaction taking place to produce pronounced rich malt, freshly baked bread crust and the characteristic Munich bite at the back of the palate.

  • Crisp Finest Maris Otter® Ale Malt –

    Maris Otter® Ale Malt is prized all over the world for the incredibly rich and moreish ales that it helps create. Our brewers tell us it is always flavourful, easy to brew with and returns that characteristic malt body that has made it famous over more than 50 years of barley cultivation.

    Bred at PBI in Cambridge by Dr GDH Bell, the variety was taken up by Crisp farmers from the very beginning, since the barley thrives in the chalk soils and moist sea air of the North Norfolk coast.

  • Crisp Extra Pale Malt – Crisp have developed a low colour Extra Pale Malt for low colour beer styles such as lager, blondes and pale ales. Made from the same barley as our Best Ale Malt you can be assured it is Norfolk born and bred.

    It is perfectly suited to the traditional UK brewing style where a single strike temperature is used as the malt has a moderate to high level of modification which gives excellent extract, flavour and run-off.

    Use it at 100% for lagers and pale ales or mix in some specialty malts for just about any hop driven beer style.

  • Crisp – Our Light Munich Malt is created by taking Vienna Malt a stage further in the kiln. The additional heat promotes melanoidin reactions to produce rich bread crust flavours. Again, Light Munich Malt can be used as a base since the enzymes are suitably preserved in this malt. The use of Munich and Vienna Malts are not just for German style beers, they add a beautiful subtle complexity to many beer styles.

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  • Crisp – In the 1840s English maltsters developed air kilning techniques that would pave the way for light coloured beers. German brewers took this technique back to Vienna and Munich respectively and the malt styles were born. Our Vienna Malt is made from English 2-row spring barley and is kilned to a slightly higher temperature than our Best Ale Malt. The result is a golden-hued wort with a sweet, bread-like aroma and flavour. Since it is a conventionally kilned malt, Vienna can be used as a base and is perfect for creating its namesake, Vienna lager, in addition to other styles.

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